Jungle Diary Music Video Release

Friends and Nutty Lovers,

The anointed hour is upon us! On this day, the twenty-fourth of June, two thousand and fifteen, Pistachio is overjoyed to bring you the music video to our new single "Jungle Diary." Watch as the Pistachio origin myth comes alive on the silver screen! Let the boys of Pistachio immerse you in a tale of intergalactic adventure, friendship, and salvation. A truly harrowing cinematic experience awaits you.

Click here to watch it!  
Read an interview on the making of the video here

We'd like to thank a few folks who helped us immensely through this taxing and hilarious process: Fox Nakai for filming and editing the whole thing, Rachel Milani for writing a feature on the release, Angus Sidore and Aldin Tollgaard for providing crucial props, and our crack team of paper mache experts - Michella Biale, Katie Holmes, Danielle Peterson, and Melvin Shin - who got down and dirty in the making of the Pistachio space ship.

Good night and good nut,