Pistachio on Spotify, Ex'pressions Webcast, and Upcoming Shows!

Greetings Pistachions!

Lots of good stuff happening in the world of Pistachio.  Where to begin?

First, we've got a sick show coming up this Wednesday 4/15 at Madrone Art Bar.  This spot is super cool. Art on the walls, music in the air, and NO COVER...what's not to love?  Our shows starts at 10pm and we go until 1am.  Get all the details and see our full spring schedule here.

Then, this Thursday 4/16 from near, from far, catch Pistachio, even from Mars?...or in your living room via the internet.  We'll be performing a full hour long set full of new songs and nutty grooves between 7-8pm PST on the Ex'pression's Meyer Soundstage.  You can catch it at http://www.expression.edu/ustream.  Maybe we'll even dedicate a song to you?  

And finally, our debut EP Tehuantepec is now streaming on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon...really any online music source you use.  Add us to your playlists and we'll add you to our hearts <3.

Until next time, keep it nutty!  

Always yours,