Update from Devin on his Earthly Travels

Greetings Pistachions! It's been a crazy six weeks for me. I left California November 18th, and since then I've gone from sailing high seas off the coast of Colombia, to living with the indigenous Kuna people of the San Blas islands, to a night in Panamanian jail (long story), to eating caldosas at the foot of a volcano, to where I am now, living alone in the Costa Rican jungle. Here I've been practicing "mas o menos" carpentry, eating fresh bananas, and learning about the forest from a member of the local indigenous BriBri. I love it here in Costa Rica, where everyday I can watch monkeys from my kitchen and nothing ever dries. In a week or two I plan to continue north to Nicaragua before returning to California sometime in February. I am looking forward to playing with Pistachio again and continuing the musical journey we started together last Fall.

From Central America with love,